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Let me Introduce myself

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My name is Charles Li.I was born in China and raised in Osaka , Japan.My upbringing in Japan had profound effect on my mindset.

I grew up saying  "Sumimasen" which is a direct translation of I'm Sorry more than 10 times in a day. With Every action I took , I had to make sure my actions were not causing inconvenience to others. 

After University, I worked for Major Japanese Company where the culture was Continuous Improvement.
Lets say on day 1 you were given a scope of work that takes you 8 hrs to complete. 
By the 60th day, you should have gotten better at your job thus management will add extra 3 hours of work and still expect you to finish it in 8 hrs. 
Then 120 days later, another 3 hrs ...
A good analogy would be trying to squeeze the wet towel.
Again and again until the last drop.
This is Kaizen. 

I vividly remember one director who were directly transferred from Japan jokingly told me, if you are not spitting out blood, you are not working hard enough. 
This was mind blowing for me and I saw in their eyes how desperate they were just to survive. 

I felt trapped.. because I was working 14hrs a day and had no energy tat the end of the day to even read a chapter of self improvement book
I felt guilty.. because it was seen as betrayal to think about changing jobs or even to invest
I felt unworthy of myself ...because the culture is sacrifice the individual for the greater of the  whole

The concept of growing wealth, creating multiple streams of income and early retirement didnt exist.

This was the time I started listening to various Real Estate Investing podcast.
The message was simple, with proven consistent repeatable process, all we need to do to get ahead is follow what successful investors do and do what they do, use the strategy they use, and use the same people they use. That's it. 

Today, I'm honoured to say I'm part of this dream team and we are on a mission to help 10,000 people to become millionaires by 2030 in GTAH. 

I'm here to help you become a little bit wealthier, a little bit independent of job salary, a little closer to your retirement.

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